ACWC does

many various programs while it began only with organizing and expanding the movement of the Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC). It has progressively extended its works to improving the women’s participation in church and society, to raising gender-awareness among church women, to developing young women leadership, to assisting church women’s activities for women and children in various difficult situations, etc.

ACWC ministries
now include:

Exploring fellowship
among Asian church women in the
spirit of unity in Christ

Promoting awareness
of gender issues

Developing young
women’s leadership

Empowering women
in socially and economically
difficult situations

Seeking ways to restore
global ecosystem from
becoming desolated

Activating the
movement of the FLC

Creating networks between
women of Asia and other regions
and finding ways to be in solidarity
with those working justice, peace and reconciliation.

ACWC implements these programs by itself or in cooperation with sisters in partner countries by supporting ACWC funds.

ACWC implements:

ACWC Day Service in order for the members to remember who we are, and to understand what has brought us together as church women in Asia. As the Assembly started on 15th November, the ACWC Day has been kept on that day of each year. It is a great opportunity for the members to experience unity and solidarity by using the same liturgy in worship services wherever we are. It is also an occasion to review how far we have gone in discerning and obeying God’s will in these critical times. Member countries are encouraged to take turns in preparing the Liturgies.

Prayer partners movement is one way of being in solidarity with ACWC member countries. With their pairs, they pray for one another in their every day life. Prayer partners alternately are changes every 4 years of session.

ACWC provides funds for:

Projects that sisters in its member countries are working on to develop gender awareness, to train women in leadership and to improve life conditions of women and children, etc.

Scholarships for young women students who are qualified to enroll in any 4-year-degree or baccalaureate program in any school within their country.

Emergency grant that assists the victims from disasters in its various kinds directly or indirectly through ACWC National Bodies. It is an expression of comfort and love for people and countries in urgent situations.

Please transfer the ACWC Contribution to your National Representative or to ACWC bank account
ACWC Bank Details
Account Name : Asian Church Women’s Conference
Account number : 91024170
Receiving bank name : SMBC Trust Bank Ltd.
Receiving bank address: Nishi-Shimbashi Square 1-3-1, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan
Receiving bank SWIFT Code : SMTCJPJT
Intermediary bank SWIFT Code : SMBCJPJT
Organization : Asian Church Women’s Conference c/o Jung Ae Aoto
Address : 447-2 Noda, Noda-shi, Chiba 278-0037 Japan
Phone Number : 81-4-7124-4319