Asian Church Women's Conference (ACWC)

is space where Asian church women experience unity in diversity through fellowship in Christ beyond the barriers between women and men, the poor and rich, race and race and human being and nature to be reconciled towards ‘One body’, One Being “Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3).

It has become a unique Asian church women’s ecumenical organization in which women from different countries and churches worship and work together, challenge and support each other, share their resources with one another to realize justice, peace and integrity of Creation.

How We Began

ACWC began in Hong Kong on November 12, 1958.

Many Asian church women leaders met for the first time at the Purdue University in Stony Point where the 1956 Assembly of the Presbyterian Church Women of the USA was held. They realized how little they knew about each other and about the Asian situations. With this discovery of a new Asian selfhood there was an urge for ecumenical fellowship among the Asian church women. Miss Felicia Sunderal from India challenged other Asian women to have a meeting beyond national borders. It became their prayerful wishes and beautiful dreams to have the gathering in Asia arranged by Asian sisters. God heard their prayers and made it possible to have a conference as they had hoped.

ACWC's Structures

  • General Assembly, the highest governing body of ACWC which convenes every four years.
  • General Committee being held every two years to ratify actions of the Executive Committee, to approve policies, programs andprojects of the ACWC and plan for the future.
  • Executive Committee which meets annually and serves as the day-to-day governing body when the General Assembly is not in session.